How can I donate to a campaign on @HopeMob?

Jessica H. -

Want to support a campaign on @HopeMob? That's awesome! We are happy to help guide you there. At @HopeMob, you have the option to give donations via online or by check. If you choose to give online, you can give a monthly or one-time donation through any major credit card or with your checking account.

Ready to find a HopeMob campaign? Follow the instructions below.

Step One: Visit the @HopeMob website at Next click CAMPAIGNS.


Step Two: Once on the campaign page, browse the current projects! You can click to read more by choosing MORE, or you can immediately donate by choosing Donate.


Step Three: Once you click Donate, complete the entire donation form being sure to fill out every field. If you already have a Pure Charity account, please login before continuing to donate. It will redirect you to the checkout screen. Hit Complete Donation!

Please note: ACH option is only available for recurring donations. This option will only appear if you are signed into Pure Charity. 



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