Meet @HopeMob's New Leadership!

Jessica H. -

You may be new to @HopeMob and wondering what we’re all about, or you may have heard of @HopeMob in the past and wonder why we’ve been silent for a little while.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Let’s unpack this.

First and foremost, @HopeMob is a place where initiatives committed to social change are connected with financial and tangible resources. In the past, @HopeMob executed that vision under Shaun King and the @HopeMob Advisory Board. After King departed @HopeMob in 2014, the Advisory Board asked Pure Charity to step in and help transition current initiatives into completed initiatives, as well as to envision a larger work for @HopeMob and its future. Since that time, Pure Charity has been actively seeking to make @HopeMob a space unique in the crowdfunding space.

We are pleased to announce that this particular vision has come to fulfillment in Leroy Barber.

Barber is taking on the directorial role and vision of @HopeMob and bringing a completely new Advisory Board and mission with him. Barber, co-founder of The Voices Project, describes his commitment to @HopeMob and its future as being fundamental to the work that he is called to do:

Leroy Barber

@HopeMob Director, Leroy Barber

“I would like my name and legacy to be affiliated with hope and I have seen hope in some of the hardest places around he world—places where you wouldn’t expect it to be so strong. I’m driven to highlight hope. Hope found in a hopeless place is contagious. It’s pure and powerful. I want to be connected to that. I want to learn from, support, and resource that kind of hope and gather others to be a part.”
– Leroy Barber

The final realization of Barber’s aims and those of the new Advisory Board won’t take shape until this year’s Justice Conference in June. At that time, a fully articulated rebranding of @HopeMob, the naming of appointees to the Advisory Board, and an incredibly exciting launch of our new initiatives and focus will be made public.

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