How does @HopeMob work?

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Who Can Submit A Campaign?

Any leader of color—or someone on behalf of a leader of color—can submit a campaign to @HopeMob. While leaders of existing nonprofits and ministries are preferred, individual leaders of color who have campaigns they believe fit with @HopeMob’s vision are invited to still submit with the expectation that a nonprofit will come alongside them to help manage funds, such as a local church or Leroy Barber’s The Voices Project. Simply indicate on the campaign application that you are an individual in need of a nonprofit sponsor, whether or not you already have one, or would like to be considered for one.

How To Submit A Campaign

Campaigns can be submitted through the online applicationIf you need a paper copy of the application, including a large print version, or assistance with filling it out, please contact us here.

How A Campaign Is Chosen

After campaigns are submitted, they are reviewed by the @HopeMob Advisory Board, which meets periodically throughout the year. The Board evaluates campaigns for how closely they embody @HopeMob’s unique mission and vision, community focus, and financial need. The Board votes and determines the merit of each campaign. Campaigns are either approved for the next funding cycle, placed on a waitlist for the next funding cycle, rejected with suggestions for improvements or other organizations that might be of assistance, or rejected.

How Long Does It Take

Submission rates are high. Please give at least 60 days to hear about the status of your campaign. If you haven’t heard back within 60 days, please contact us here

How @HopeMob Supports A Campaign

@HopeMob doesn’t take on campaigns and leave them to themselves. @HopeMob partners with chosen campaigns to help them meet their funding goals through a coordinated effort of resources. Drawing on resources from its partner, Pure Charity, @HopeMob generates compelling content, both written and visual, to enable leaders to tell their stories effectively. @HopeMob also supports campaigns through social media, existing partnerships in communities, and coordinating with other leaders and innovators. @HopeMob makes recommendations and provides as many resources as possible, but tailors every campaign strategy to the needs of the particular communities we serve.

How The Money Is Spent

For every $1 given to a campaign, 92% goes directly to the campaign’s leader and 8% goes to @HopeMob. This is so that @HopeMob can pay operating costs and cover the supports for each campaign mentioned above. For every $1 given monthly as part of a continuous donation, the 92% is proportionally divided per recommendation of the Advisory Board based on each current campaign’s financial needs, and 8% goes to @HopeMob for operating costs. Money from campaigns will be disbursed every 10 business days and all money for a completed campaign will be disbursed within 10 working days after campaign has completed. If you have any questions or concerns about @HopeMob or its handling of funds, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.


After a campaign has been fully funded, a new campaign takes its place. @HopeMob keeps in touch with former campaigns, providing donors with updates, further possibilities of support and resourcing, and encouragement.

Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer them. Please contact us here.

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