Qualifications For Project Submission

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Campaign Criteria

@HopeMob is focused on resourcing leaders and communities of color. Successful campaigns will meet the following criteria:

  • be led by a person of color and largely staffed and organized by people of color (you do not need to be a person of color to submit, if you are submitting on someone’s behalf or helping someone with the process)
  • have clear goals and expectations of how financial support will help realize a vision for hope
  • seek to be innovative, subversive, or unexpected in creating solutions
  • prioritize addressing disadvantages and oppression directed toward people of color as its overall goal

Campaign Standards

A well qualified potential campaign will also be focused on these elements, and will meet the following standards:

  • In good standing with the IRS (you can search first here).
  • A completed Guidestar or Charity Navigator profile that includes a copy of the organization’s latest IRS Form 990 and IRS Determination Letter. If an organization is not currently registered or their profile is not complete, we can work with that organization to update information to satisfy this requirement; or,
  • Be an individual leader of color ready to work with a nonprofit to achieve the goals or his or her campaign.
  • The organization should not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, disability, age, veteran status, medical condition, citizenship, ancestry or marital status.
  • The organization should have the resources and capacity to complete the work laid out in the campaign to provide the necessary feedback to the @HopeMob community members.
  • Committed to transparency about results of funded initiatives.
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